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Guard Scorpion is the boss of Reactor 1.

Level HP MP ATK Magic Atk Defence Magic Def Dex Def % Luck Exp AP Gil
12 800 0 30 15 40 (255*) 256 (384*) 60 0 1 100 10 100

*During 'tail laser phase' these stats increase, other stats persist when the tail is lowered


Lightning (2X)


Assault Gun

Strategies[edit | edit source]

Depending on whether this run performs Guard Skip, it will be necessary to exit this fight with either just a limit stored on Cloud or a limit stored on both Cloud and Barret.

Guard Scorpion has a fixed attack pattern (search scope, attack, search scope, attack, raise tail, wait, lower tail) and attack consists of either rifle or scorpion tail.

If Guard Scorpion has half of its maximum HP or more when it tries to attack, then it has a 2/3 chance to use Rifle and a 1/3 chance to use Scorpion Tail. If it has less than half of its maximum HP, then it will always use Scorpion Tail.

When the tail is raised, it will always counter attack with Tail Laser and otherwise not attack.

The most common strategy below on is on ATB Active and uses limit breaks to get extra turns.

Example Guard scorpion fight:

As fight begins the user would try for a first turn, if ATB is highest with Barret hold circle, if ATB is highest with Cloud hold down + circle, in the below example there was no luck for a first turn.

Search Scope

Guard scorpion targets Barret with search scope, therefore the user would change the turn order using triangle ensuring to attack with Barret then Bolt with Cloud.

Rifle Gun

Guard scorpion attacks Barret, commonly rifle gun will not be enough to give Barret a limit break, the user also has an opportunity to change the turn order as the attack is going off but will need to be quick, chances are if you attempted for a first turn this is your chance to reorder

Search Scope

Guard scorpion targets Cloud with search scope, therefore the user would change the turn order selecting Cloud first, then Barret

Scorpion Tail

Guard scorpion attacks Cloud, commonly this will be enough damage to do a limit but is based on damage rolls, in this scenario Cloud has a limit from the attack and same as before the user also has an opportunity to change the turn order as the attack is going off but will need to be quick. Provided the turn order is Cloud then Barret the user will hold circle and get the braver off before the tail is raised.

Tail Laser Phase (raised tail)

At this point Cloud would need a limit so would need to cast bolt twice or cast bolt once and attack with Cloud depending on the HP of guard scorpion, during this example bolt is cast twice and tail laser number 1 hits Cloud but misses Barret and the second hits Barret whilst the user is buffering the attack with Barret. Now Barret has a limit but the attack command was selected and the cursor is on guard scorpion so when it is put through Barret will attack instead of limit

Search Scope (lowered tail)

Barret puts through the attack that was buffered and at this point the user will just hold circle, will bolt with Cloud then do Barrets limit and guard scorpion is killed before the Search scope goes off.

Visual representation of the fight

(Davesterio's tutorial, starts at 10:20)

Damage Rolls[edit | edit source]

Since in basically every speedrun the only fight that is won before this fight starts is the first fight against two MP enemies by the train, the set of possible stats Cloud could have at this point is very narrow, and Barret always has the same stats since he has not won any fights.

Cloud Magic[edit | edit source]

At level 6 when the game starts, Cloud has a base magic stat of 19. After the first fight, Cloud's magic stat increases with the following distribution:

Cloud's Level 7 Base Magic Stat
1/8 Chance 19
3/8 Chance 20
3/8 Chance 21
1/8 Chance 22

Note that this is Cloud's base magic stat, not his net magic stat. Since Cloud has Lightning and Ice materia equipped, plus the Buster Sword, his net magic stat is 4 more than his base magic stat.

The following is a breakdown of the damage rolls you get for each of Cloud's potential magic stats

19 Base Magic (23 Net Magic)
73/256 Chance (28.5%) 84
91/256 Chance (35.6%) 86
91/256 Chance (35.6%) 88
1/256 Chance (0.4%) 90

Expected Damage: 87.1640625

20 Base Magic (24 Net Magic)
77/256 Chance (30.1%) 86
89/256 Chance (34.8%) 88
89/256 Chance (34.8%) 90
1/256 Chance (0.4%) 92

Expected Damage: 88.109375

21 Base Magic (25 Net Magic)
85/256 Chance (33.2%) 90
85/256 Chance (33.2%) 92
85/256 Chance (33.2%) 94
1/256 Chance (0.4%) 96

Expected Damage: 92.015625

22 Base Magic (26 Net Magic)
5/256 Chance (2.0%) 90
83/256 Chance (32.4%) 92
84/256 Chance (32.8%) 94
83/256 Chance (32.4%) 96
1/256 Chance (0.4%) 98

Expected Damage: 93.9375

Cloud Limit (Guard Skip)[edit | edit source]

In categories that perform Guard Skip and then perform Preemptive Aps, it is necessary to exit this fight with a limit on Cloud.

Cloud + Barret Limits (No Guard Skip)[edit | edit source]

In categories that don't perform Guard Skip and therefore fight Air Buster as the next boss, it is necessary to exit this fight with a limit on both Cloud and Barret. This is typically more difficult and slower than exiting this fight with a limit on only Cloud.

No Limits (NG+, no Preemptive Aps)[edit | edit source]

In some cases, it would not be significantly beneficial to exit this fight with a limit break stored, so it is not necessary to have one stored.

AI script[edit | edit source]

Start of Battle[edit | edit source]

Declare Stage = 0
Declare Count = 0
Declare Warning = 0
Declare SelectedTarget

Turn[edit | edit source]

If (Count == 0 OR Count == 2) Then: 
    SelectedTarget = random opponent
    Use Search Scope on SelectedTarget
    Display Message "Locked On Target"
    Count = Count + 1

ElseIf (Count == 1 OR Count == 3) Then:
    2/3 Chance:
        If (Self HP < 1/2 * Self Max HP) Then:
            Use Scorpion Tail on SelectedTarget

            Use Rifle on SelectedTarget

    1/3 Chance:
        Use Scorpion Tail on SelectedTarget

    Count = Count + 1

Else If (Count == 4) Then:
    Use Raise Tail
    Stage = 1
    Self Defense = 255
    Self Magic Defense = 384

    If (Warning == 0) Then:
        If (Cloud is alive) Then:
            If (Barret is dead) Then: 
                Display Message "Cloud "It's gonna fire that laser..."

                Display Message "Cloud "Barret, be careful!"

            Display Message ""Attack while it's tail's up!"
            Display Message "It's gonna counterattack with its laser.""

            Display Message "Barret "I dunno what's goin' on, but..."
            Display Message "it looks pretty bad."
            Display Message "Let's see what it does when it's tail's up..."

        Warning = 1

    Count = 5

Else If (Count == 5 OR Count == 6) Then:
    Count = Count + 1

    Use Drop Tail
    Stage = 0
    Self Defense = 40
    Self Magic Defense = 256
    Count = 0

Counter (Attacked)[edit | edit source]

If (Stage == 1) Then: 
    Use Tail Laser on all opponents

Counter (Death)[edit | edit source]

If (Stage == 1) Then:
    Use Drop Tail