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Guard Skip, also known as Tsuna Skip, is an exploit that allows skipping from Sector 7 to Wall Market.

Discovery[edit | edit source]

Guard Skip was discovered by TsunaMods, in July 2018 when they discovered that there is a load trigger from Sector 7 to Wall Market.

Over time, this skip has been optimized. One of the first setups, which is now obsolete, is below: (Credits to Zheal, Meesbaker and Creativeely)

Execution[edit | edit source]

Using either the D-Pad or a keyboard is highly advised, and using a control stick is highly discouraged.

Cloud's head position
  1. Run (do not walk) to line up Clouds head with the stone texture in the middle using only left and right to adjust. (See Cloud's head position)
  2. Run down. Cloud will bonk into the guard. Keep holding Down, then release Run. Cloud will twitch against the guard he has bonked on.
    Cloud arm position
  3. While still holding Down, press and release R1 so Cloud turns towards the left and back down again.
  4. Release Down. Walk left and right to line Cloud up to a specific position against the guard. The net displacement you want is one frame of walking to the left. There are two visual cues for the correct position: one for Cloud facing left and one for Cloud facing right. When facing left, Cloud's hand is in line with the guard's shoulder. When facing right, Cloud's foot is poking about halfway out of the guard on the right. Also Cloud's arm will be an hour glass shape. (See Cloud's arm position image)
    Cloud's position
  5. Run down-right, and Cloud will run deep into the corner. (See the image of Cloud's position)
  6. Hold R1 and tap left once to walk up-left for 1-3 frames.
  7. Walk down-right until Cloud stops in the corner.
    Clip position
  8. Hold R1 and tap left for 3 frames of movement, until this cue, then run down-right to run past the guard. Run down-left for a bit to get to the loading zone. (See image clip position)


Two tutorial videos are below. These can be used on any version of the game:

Credits to AceZephyr

Credits to Nullifer

Backup[edit | edit source]

Credits to AceZephyr

The backup can be used to recover from a situation where Cloud overshoots the correct position for the final lineup.

  • Hold R1 and tap left to walk until Cloud is 2 or 3 frames past the clip position.
  • Run down-right, then release run, then release down-right (See the image of Cloud's position)
  • Walk up-left for 2 frames by holding R1 and pressing left to reach the clip position again. (See image clip position)

This can be repeated indefinitely until the clip position is reached, assuming you do not walk more than 3 frames past the clip position.