Yuffie Warp

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Yuffie warping is a glitch only present in the PC version of the game. Similar to the Wrong Warp, it allows the player to be warped to incorrect locations when attempting to recruit Yuffie. This trick is used heavily in All Bosses (Warps).

Execution[edit | edit source]

To perform the Yuffie warp, the player must make a save file on the world map in or near a forest where you can encounter the Mystery Ninja enemy. Then they must load another save on a field that the player wishes to warp to, and enter a battle. In the battle, the player must intentionally trigger a game over. The player must then load their save in the forest, then find and defeat Mystery Ninja. Because the PC version of the game does not clear memory after a game over, it will erroneously reload the field previously died on instead of the field where the player can recruit Yuffie. If the player triggered the game over in a scripted fight, e.g. a boss battle, the player will be warped directly back into that fight.

Encountering Mystery Ninja[edit | edit source]

There is a flag in the game that determines if the player can encounter Mystery Ninja, stored in memory at DC0A61x01. By default, this flag is off, and is first turned on after watching the Turks cutscene in Mythril Mines. If the player has not recruited Yuffie, it will also be turned on in the Cargo Ship, or at the end of the first Cosmo Canyon sequence.

The game will check if the player has recruited Yuffie either by checking if she is present in the global party, or by querying a separate flag at DC0AABx01. If the player desyncs these values through sequence breaking and/or using the Debug Room, it is possible to encounter Mystery Ninja even after recruiting Yuffie.