World Map Encounter Mechanics

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World Map Regions:[edit | edit source]

These IDs are used to decide which encounter table to use.

ID Name
0 Midgar Area
1 Grasslands Area
2 Junon Area
3 Corel Area
4 Gold Saucer Area
5 Gongaga Area
6 Cosmo Area
7 Nibel Area
8 Rocket Launch Pad Area
9 Wutai Area
10 Woodlands Area
11 Icicle Area
12 Mideel Area
13 North Corel Area
14 Cactus Island
15 Goblin Island / Round Island

Ground Types[edit | edit source]

This table was stolen from

code type description
0 Grass Most things can go here.
1 Forest No landing here, but anything else goes.
2 Mountain Chocobos and flying machines only.
3 Sea Deep water, only gold chocobo and submarine can go here.
4 River Crossing Buggy, tiny bronco and water-capable chocobos.
5 River Tiny bronco and chocobos.
6 Water Shallow water, same as above.
7 Swamp Midgar zolom can only move in swamp areas.
8 Desert No landing.
9 Wasteland Found around Midgar, Wutai and misc other. No landing.
10 Snow Leaves footprints, no landing.
11 Riverside Beach-like area where river and land meet.
12 Cliff Sharp drop, usually where the player can be on either side.
13 Corel Bridge Tiny bridge over the waterfall from Costa del Sol to Corel.
14 Wutai Bridge Rickety rope bridges south of Wutai.
15 Unused Doesn't seem to be used anywhere in the original data.
16 Hill side This is the tiny walkable part at the foot of a mountain.
17 Beach Where land and shallow water meets.
18 Sub Pen Only place where you can enter/exit the submarine.
19 Canyon The ground in cosmo canyon has this type, walkability seems to be the same as wasteland.
20 Mountain Pass The small path through the mountains connecting Costa del Sol and Corel.
21 Unknown Present around bridges, may have some special meaning.
22 Waterfall River type where the tiny bronco can't go.
23 Unused Doesn't seem to be used anywhere in the original data.
24 Gold Saucer Desert Special desert type for the golden saucer.
25 Jungle Walkability same as forest, used in southern parts of the map.
26 Sea (2) Special type of deep water, only used in one small spot next to HP-MP cave, possibly related to the underwater map/submarine.
27 Northern Cave Inside part of the crater, where you can land the highwind.
28 Gold Saucer Desert Border Narrow strip of land surrounding the golden saucer desert. Probably related to the "quicksand" script.
29 Bridgehead Small area at both ends of every bridge. May have some special meaning.
30 Back Entrance Special type that can be set unwalkable from the script.
31 Unused Doesn't seem to be used anywhere in the original data.